Beauty Oils | Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil and Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil Mini Reviews


2014 has been a crazy crazy year so far, and as I'm finally getting over some mishaps that have happened in the last couple weeks, I'm ready to get back into full Beauty Blogger swing! 
If you're a beauty lover, or a Sephora addicts, you'll have probably noticed by now that Beauty Oils are making a huge splash. We can all thank Josie Maran and her all natural Argan Oil, which started this huge skincare and beauty movement.
The best part of this whole ordeal is that most people, especially us combination and oily chicks, were not aware that putting oil on your face can actually control your facial oil production. At first, this all seems counterintuitive but after a little bit of research it makes total sense.
Basically: oil cancels out oil.
If you're combination or oily, your skin will tend to overproduce oil in order to compensate but when it's properly nourished, by using a healthy oil, it doesn't need to produce as much. And voila! less oil production and less oily face.
Needless to say I've been totally getting really into this Beauty Oil phenomenon and it's been helping with my combination skin - both dry and oily patches - and with my acne scars and sun spots! Some, if not most, of the oils also have anti-aging benefits. A little goes a long way: each night before bed I rub 2-3 drops of oil between my fingers and then gently massage this into my face/neck/decolletage - careful not to put it too close to the eyes.

The two that I have so far are the Tsubaki Beauty Oil from Boscia and the Midnight Recovery Oil from Kiehl's. However, there are so many more that I want to try! Any suggestions?

I got the Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil as a gift from a dear friend and I tried it and loved it. It's geared towards anti-aging since it's chock full of anti-oxidants. The formula is thin and it absorbs quickly into your skin. The next few days my skin felt super soft and much smoother. I'm still going to need a couple more weeks to fully review this one. Of the two, it's the more affordable one as it's 46$ CAD for 50 ml.

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil was something I discovered on my own. I had never been to a Kiehl's store and so I decided to walk into the one here in Montreal and check out the brand. The girl there, Tanya, had a short Kiehl's consultation with me. She gave me a few samples to try, along with my purchase of a cleanser, and so I had a small sample of the oil try. The sample lasted me a good week and a half, since all you need is a few drops. After a couple weeks, my skin is smoother and many of my acne scars have faded away. My skin is also less combination more "normal" and I don't have as many breakouts per month. I really think this oil helped balance my skin out. I will be repurchasing this one for a lifetime! This is the more expensive of the two as its 48$ CAD for 30 ml.

I love these products and I think everyone should at least try it, if not incorporate it into their own beauty routine.
Whats your opinion on Beauty Oils? Have you tried any?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,

Kisti Belle


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