Swatchtime | Seche Vite and Samoan Sands


So the story goes, I really needed a Topcoat for my nails. I keep painting them and my nails always chip - a frustrating fact when its only been a day since I freshly painted them. 
I finally splurged and got the Seche Vite topcoat for a whopping $12.50CAD. Expensive, but apparently, very very worth it. I've been wearing Seche Vite with OPI's Samoan Sands and my nails have only started to chip after 6 days of wear - an amazing feat for this duo. 

I am loving Seche Vite, and so far, I will keep purchasing and using it until I find something much better. But when Shellac isn't an option, Seche Vite will definitely be there. 

On another note, I've been really into neutral nails lately: darks, nudes and greys. Isn't Samoan Sands just beautiful? I love it with my skintone and it's a colour I will wear all year long.

What have you been wearing on your nails lately?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. I love neutral nails and seche is my go to too lately hun ;)

  2. Ooh! The perfect nude. I haven't done my nails in ages but this has me thinking I should :)