Real Review #4 | Maybelline Line Stiletto in Blackest Black


I'm on a mission to find a good and long-lasting liquid eyeliner from the drugstore, that's affordable. So far I use the MUFE Aqualine in Black.
I've tried L'Oreal Carbon Black liquid liner and I wanted to give the Maybelline Line Stiletto a try. Many good reviews are out there about the Maybelline Lash Stiletto, so I had some high hopes for this fella. Since it contains the word "stilleto", I was also hoping this would be a sleek, thin application liquid liner.

The packaging for this liner is very standard, a slim black tube with a screw open wand-cap. The wand is a felt tip applicator, however, it's not as slim as I was originally hoping. It gives me a thicker-than-anticipated line and the very tip is a little bit bulbous, whereas I expected a thin and straight tip. I also find that the felt tip tends to dry out quickly and I need two swipes to get a very black liquid line. If the applicator didn't dry as quickly, then I feel as though the pigmentation would be much stronger. On a good note, the wand is small and short enough that I can get a fairly precise placing of my eyeliner.
The consistency is alright, its not too watery but its too bad the brush dries so quickly that it's unnerving to apply and get satisfactory black pigmentation.
It's not extremely long-lasting, but for a day-time look, this is great. For a night out, it might be a little too weak. I noticed some wear and tear during more active day, if it was waterproof I bet it would be even more longwearing.
The Maybelline Line Stiletto's price-point is amazing, I think I bought this little guy at 7$ USD and you can't usually beat that!

- Price-point is low
- Packaging is sleek and small
- Wand is short and precise, easier application

-Lasting Power
-Application: wand drying too quickly
-No waterproof version

Despite the amazing price point, I don't think I'll purchase this liquid liner again. I'd rather spend a little more on a high-end liquid liner or try another drugstore liquid liner that's waterproof (and more long-lasting). For me, the Maybelline Line Stiletto just doesn't cut it.

Have you ladies tried this product?

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À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. Oh I love how precise and flexible the nib looks, and $7 is soooo cheap! xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It is and it's very affordable. But I really like the L'Oreal Carbon Black eyeliner much better and its only about a dollar more expensive, it also has a more precise nib! :)