Real Review #10 | Becoming a Julep Maven


I remember first starting to find out about the Julep Beauty brand, all of these long rectangular nail polishes were starting to pop up all over the internet in their pretty purple shipping boxes. And I thought to myself, I haven't seen any long rectangular shaped polishes in any beauty stores around here. Of course, that's because you can only get them at Julep parlors in Seattle or via shipping from A couple months ago, I ventured over to the Julep website, and found out that it's basically a monthly beauty box service - featuring mostly nail polish.

Julep started out with monthly nail polish boxes they'd send to their customers, as well as some other nail polishes you could buy online. Now, they've ventured into other streams of the beauty industry, creating makeup and even skincare items.

But I digress, as I was exploring the Julep website, that very first time, I found out that your very first Julep box is free and you even get to choose from a few types of boxes! Naturally, I was thrilled - free beauty items shipped to my door?

For my first box I choose three polishes (blue, purple with glitter and a pink with sheen) and I also purchased 4 additional polishes which included their oxygen treatment for brittle nails - it's brilliant after a tough gel/shellac mani! They also included some nail buffing blocks.

To be perfectly clear, everyone's first box is free - all you have to do is pay for shipping. You're able to choose from the same style profiles as regular mavens. You do have to give your credit card information and sign up for the subscription, but you can subsequently cancel it if you don't like what you receive. Like any monthly beauty box, you can cancel it at any time. After 6 months of boxes, you are allowed to skip a box. Each box is $20 plus shipping and you can add on select Julep items as a super low price each month. With each both you gain "Jules" which are just like "points" and as soon as you reach 2000 jules you're able to get your Maven box for free. You gain jules by making a purchase, by purchasing a Maven box each month and by inviting/referring friends using your personal invite friends link.

For my second box I was able to completely change my style profile and got two full size skincare products - plus pixie sticks as a bonus! The skincare products were a beauty cleansing oil and a dry oil. I also added on a cute peachy polish for an extra $5.

The beauty is that you're able to change your style profile each month, between the 20-24, before boxes ship on the 27th. Next month I'm getting two fabulous nail polishes and a body lotion!
The price may seem steep at about $25 with shipping, but you are getting full size products that you can customize instead of just samples (as with most monthly beauty boxes).
A great thing about this is that if you need to send a fun present to a far-away friend, you're also able to send her your monthly Maven box instead of having it sent to you. An option that I may try in the coming months!

I'm very happy with the quality of the nail polishes so far, they are long-lasting and they don't chip. However, I will have more in-depth reviews on the polishes and skincare products themselves very soon.

If you are thinking of becoming a Julep Maven, I invite you to use my friends link and you get your first box free!

It's a fun service if you're willing to spend the money to try an up and coming beauty brand, but the price is steep for a monthly service of full size products that you may or may not like. I'm worried that I'll just have too many polishes by the end of this - but for now, I'm liking it.

Have you tried the Julep service or any of their products? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. Oh this seems a really great company with a great system running.
    I think I might try the first box myself :)

    1. It's definitely worth the try in my opinion and it's so fun to get nail polish delivered to your door :)

  2. I just signed up! I'm excited to see how I'll like it :-D

    1. oh, you'll have to let me know! Which box did you get?