Real Review #8 | L'Oreal True Match Foundation


Finding a great foundation is like finding a diamond in the rough: you go through a lot of duds but once you find a great one everything just seems to fit.
The worst is trying to find a great foundation at a drugstore, in N. America you're typically not able to swatch product before you buy. You are, however, entitled to return them. But if you're constantly purchasing and returning to a store, it does tend to look bad. Because of this, I generally find a lot more value in splurging a bit more for my foundations and purchasing higher end ones.
There are always a few drugstore foundations I'm anxious to try, hopeful that they might turn out to be dupes for the splurges. Since L'Oreal's True Match Foundation has been in the spotlight for quite some time, I thought I'd put it to the test.

I purchased my L'Oreal True Match Foundation from an Ulta store, but these are readily available at more drugstores and Walmarts. I chose the shade in warm beige W3 from the warm collections since my skin has yellow/golden undertones. They also have a neutral (even mix of yellow and pink undertones) and cool (pink undertones) range. I'm happy with the colour I chose, although I may be in between a warm and neutral undertone, after all. Despite this small detail, the colour matches my skin and is very easy to blend out using a dense buffing brush. It is quite viscous (liquid-ey), however the coverage is medium to high (opacity) - this is definitely a build-able foundation.  I try to keep it at medium as my skin is pretty clear with just a few marks. I find that it lasts about 4-5 hours and then starts to fade evenly through the day - if you have combination or oily skin it may fade a little faster in the t-zone area. Even though it does fade, traces are still left at the very end of the day and you absolutely must remove this by cleansing your face. I find that the high coverage can congest my face, giving me a few more whiteheads, but as long as I keep up my skin routine it doesn't have as big of an impact. However, this is definitely not the foundation to wear if you're lazy with your skin routine! The price-point is fair but a little higher than other drugstore foundations, about $11-14USD and about $17-19CAD for 30ml. The bottle is a screw top, and I would prefer a pump for this, but as its viscous it's not too difficult to pour out of the bottle and into your hand.

- easily accessible wherever L'Oreal products are sold
- range of colours with specific undertones
 - medium to high coverage
- easily blendable
- fair price-point

- packaging: screw top instead of a pump
 - lasts only 4-5 hours

Would I purchase this foundation again? Absolutely, and I would love it if L'Oreal made adding a pump an option as with NARS. NARS has the option of buying a pump with their foundations, if you're willing to splurge some extra cash.
The foundation is a little more expensive in Canada but it's one of the best I've tried from the drugstore.

Have you tried this foundation? Would you be willing to try it? 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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