Weekly Wishlist and Loves #14


Just so we're clear, isn't a heatwave supposed to be singular? These surprise mini humid heat-waves that happy every other week are quite irritating. Why the extremities, Mother Nature? 
Amidst the heat extremes, my skin has been going a little crazy and I've been finding blemishes in places that they seldom appear! (ie. the lower sides of each cheek whereas they're normally located along my chin). I've always pressed the issue that skincare is extremely important, but even more so during times when you can't control your environment. For my skin during these humid heat-waves, a regular routine doesn't work and so I tend to mix it up frequently with different cleansers, masks and splashing water on my face whenever I can [more on this in a different post coming soon!]. To that effect, here are a couple of super high end skincare products I'm totally lusting after. I've heard they can basically perform miracles, wouldn't that be helpful during this time of year?

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #13


Is it just me, or are the summer months going by a lot faster than the winter ones? With the warmer weather, I'm able to go out and about - which sometime means more roaming of the beauty counters! Here are my latest cravings from my latest beauty adventures...

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #12


Time flies when you're having fun, especially this summer. I've been get super fit for my Tough Mudder course this Saturday and I've also been able to spend some time in the sun with friends. 
And, of course, going on trips to see the new beauty summer collections at Sephora, MAC, Chanel etc etc. I just can't resist bronzed skin and pops of colour, hello summer! 

First Impression | TopBox June 2014 Unboxing


First, I should apologize for being so MIA last week, it was a blur of responsibilities and traveling and I wasn't able to quite cut it with the blogging duties. But, I was excited and very impressed by the June Topbox that I received last month.