Real Review #12 | Olay Dew Over Hydrating Gel Moisturizer


Most women I know have two distinct skincare routines: one to be used during the warmer months and one to be used during the colder months. Some even have four routines: one for each season. I'm a simpler gal but I still require two skincare routines living in the extreme conditions of the Northeast.
Generally, in the summer I seek non-clogging gel moisturizers or very light moisturizing lotions and in the winter I go for regular lotions that are a touch too heavy in the warmer months. Personally, I find it difficult to find good summer moisturizers in the drugstore, and it's not often I come across a gel moisturizer. When I finally stumbled on Olay's Dew Over Hydrating Gel Moisturizer in early June, I thought it was the perfect time to be trying out a drugstore brand - and to hopefully forego the more expensive high end moisturizers for this season.
Olay says that this product is oil-free and non-comedogenic (aka it won't clog your pores). It's lightly scented using honeysuckle and white tea and with an overall gel consistency. I'm impressed with the amount of product you receive for the price: 50ml for $13CAD. A higher end face cream will generally be sold for twice the price and half the amount of product! 
I've been using it for a few weeks now and during a few days when there was a short heat wave it performed well on my combination skin. It hasn't broken me out and it feels light on the skin. I love the texture as the product feels to just melt right into my skin with no extra weight. I don't have any dry patches and it keeps the oily T-zone under control. On a hot humid day, I still become a bit oily (around the T-zone area) but I find it's better controlled than if I use a regular lotion-based moisturizer.

- great price
- great amount of product received
- lightweight
- doesn't clog pores
- helps minimize extra oil production
- oil-free

- pot packaging
- scent fades a bit after opening

Would I repurchase this product? If I ever finish this pot, I will. However, because of how much product you get I'm set for the rest of the Summer and well into Fall! 

Have you tried this product? Does your skincare routine change in the summer? 

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle


  1. I got a little sample of this one a while ago and really liked it. I wanted to purchase the full size pot but grabbed the Satin Finish Lotion instead which feels simply amazing when you put it own. It has a kind of powdery feel if that makes sense :-) Overall, very happy with this line!

    Still looking for a nice light night cream though. Got any recommendations?

    1. That's great! maybe ill grab the lotion for the winter months when my skin is a little dryer :)
      Hmmm, i don't use many night "creams" per se. I use beauty oils, like Kiehl's Midnight Concentrate and Boscia Tsubaki beauty oil. I've heard Origins Night-a-mins is a great choice too. Creams for nighttime tend to be a little heavier, so if you like your Satin Finish Lotion and find it's your perfect consistency then you can use that at night!