Weekly Wishlist and Loves #17


Fall is coming, and even tho I'm partial to the cooler weather, the one I know for sure is that Fall brings some of the best that beauty and fashion has to offer. So, am I excited for Fall? Yes! Will I miss Summer? Absolutely!
In an effort to tame these very seasonally confusing feelings, I've compiled - yet another - weekly wishlist of lust-worthy items...
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The Kylie Jenner Lip | Swatchtime


Secretly, I think we're all loving the Kylie Jenner Lip trend. I know I am, so I set out to research and find her signature lip combo...

Weekly Wishlist and Loves #15


Just two items on this week's wishlist, one is more a of necessity - especially with dark fall lip colours coming around the corner - while the other is a definite indulgence.