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Secretly, I think we're all loving the Kylie Jenner Lip trend. I know I am, so I set out to research and find her signature lip combo...

Left to Right: MAC Whirl Lipliner and MAC Twig Lipliner

Left to Right: MAC Twig Lipstick and MAC Whirl Lipliner

Lips lined with MAC Whirl Lipliner and MAC Twig Lipstick

I was happy to find something similar to Kylie's Lip in MAC Twig Lipstick and MAC Whirl Lipliner. Admittedly, Kylie uses Whirl to line and fill in her parts of her lips and then uses MAC Brave lipstick to fill them in. However, conflicting sites said she used Twig, and so I opted for a darker nude since Fall is fast approaching. [How did it turn into August?] Although... I may go back to MAC and grab Brave, I used to own it but ended up giving it away to a good friend.

Kylie overdraws her lips a bit with Whirl - giving them that extra oomph - and then filling the center in with either Twig or Brave. You can also add some concealer around the lip area, to help define the lips further. If you feel like keeping things light by using one product, you can't always line, overdraw and fill in your lips completely with the MAC Whirl Lipliner.
There is definitely more than one way to rock this look and you can use any products you have at home - not just the ones featured here!


 Would you ever rock this intense nude lip look?
I'm lovin' it.

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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  1. I just bought the Mac Twig Lipstick and I'm so in love!!!