The Most Versatile Browns | Swatches


Don't you just love a versatile warm or neutral brown? These types of shades are my go tos for simple days where I'm doing a natural look, or for transition colors to help blend on the days when I'm doing something a little more dramatic. 

November 2015 | Favorites


Four standout favorites this month; some new products and some old favorites that have come back for the colder seasons!

The Most Important Skincare Step You're Missing


Admittedly, this blog post is a day late on Tuesday, instead of Monday as promised. But I thought it was important enough to post even a day late. If you're vigilant with your skincare, you're probably already doing his, but I'm sure as the weather has gotten colder this task gets lower and lower on your list. 

Beauty Gift Recommendations and Wishlist | Holiday 2015


With the upcoming holidays, and the recent VIB sale, there have been so many items still on my wishlist and ones that I think are a great deal - so I wanted to share them with you. 

Weekly Review #22 | Sephora Favorites Superstars Set


How gorgeous does the Sephora Favorites Superstars set look? As a blogger and lover of trying all beauty related products, I was so intrigued to try all the different products in this kit. Most of them I haven't even tried, including the  beauty blender. To be more specific, I've only tried two: the "they're real" Benefit mascara and the Stila liquid eyeliner.

Favorite Youtubers | Fall 2015 Edition


I've been discovering some amazing Youtubers online and I wanted to share them with you for Monday's post. Because who doesn't love a good beauty guru?

October 2015 Favorites


There's something great about looking back on the month and reflecting on what I've loved the most; Beauty especially, being one of my favorite topics to think about! 

Trend Alert: Mauve-Nude Lip


The latest lip trend, involves a brownish-mauve with a hint of grey. Since most of these options are either expensive, hard to find or difficult to wear, I wanted to show you my latest lip combo obsession which is drugstore pricing, easy to find and easy to wear! 

Julep Unboxing | October


I feel like I have tons of nail polish (among any other beauty staples) and when I get too busy with work and life I opt for a quick mani at the salon. However, lately I've been so into dark nail colours and since I have so many, I've been doing my own nails. Since I had a little left over money from the lack of salon appointments, I decided to put that towards a Julep box this month. Once I saw the colours and the new eyeshadow sticks they were offering, I knew I had to order one!

Weekly Wednesday Reviews #20 - Tony Moly I'm Real Skin Purifying


I used to do a weekly review, named Real Reviews, but that title is a little confusing. I've come to find that I can still have an alliterative title that informative, so I'm re-naming these Weekly Wednesday Reviews, and we're picking it up at number 20 and coming at you each Wednesday! Easy, right? :)

September 2015 Favorites


It's been while, quite a while, but I promise, I'm finally back! 
And I'm back for good.
The past 6 months have been filled with moving... moving to Boston!
I promise that I will give you guys a post on some adventures that have helped me adjust and explore the city, but I wanted my #dontcallitacomeback to start with my September Favorites!

NOTD | Julep's Margit Nail Polish


Even though I have way more nail polish that is recommended, I love receiving my monthly Julep Beauty Boxes. I love the versatility of the products: because you're getting full-sized products you can either use them for yourself or for a gift. I've done that with mine where I add on items and use them for gifts since they're new and full-sized. My friends are loving it so far! However, one nail polish colour I saw on the website I did keep for myself, and that was Margit: part of Julep's It girl collection for January. 

Swatchtime | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen


I'm a lover of anything dark and dramatic - especially in the winter months when everything is so white and grey. I have far far too many dark lipsticks, but when I saw swatches of Copenhagen from NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream line I knew I had to pick it up! 

Beauty Favourites | of 2014


I know I'm late for this post, but better late than never? Plus, let me just say for all us hardworkin' ladies, the first week back after the holidays is always insane. Actually, scratch that, the first month back is insane! Nonetheless, I still had a ton of beauty favourites that I wanted to share with you guys. Some products you may have already seen in other beauty favourites, since they're cult favourites, and others will be new to you! I may not have even blogged about them before.
First I want to talk about my favourite beauty face products of 2014: 

Ulta Beauty Haul | Winter 2015


The holidays are all about giving and spoiling the ones you love. And you better believe, you gotta love yourself and spoil yourself - especially during this time of year! Of course, Ulta was having a 20% sale before Christmas, and I had to jump on that. They were even discounting for prestige brands (aka Too Faced, Benefit, Urban Decay, etc.)!!

Youtuber Favourites | KathleenLights


For my first post of 2015 I wanted to give a warm shout-out to a Youtuber that I've been loving since late 2014. I've wanted to write about her for a while now, but things were hectic with work and with the holidays. Most of you will probably already know her and of course, already love her and her Youtube name is KathleenLights. She has great recommendations and is totally into colour, bronzed glowing skin, big lashes and beautiful hair: everything I love and more. I trust her recommendations and she doesn't go too far when it comes to expensive brands. She has some great drugstore alternatives and is always honest! (as far as I can tell)
Without further ado, here are some of videos that I'm absolutely loving!