Trend Alert: Mauve-Nude Lip


The latest lip trend, involves a brownish-mauve with a hint of grey. Since most of these options are either expensive, hard to find or difficult to wear, I wanted to show you my latest lip combo obsession which is drugstore pricing, easy to find and easy to wear! 

Julep Unboxing | October


I feel like I have tons of nail polish (among any other beauty staples) and when I get too busy with work and life I opt for a quick mani at the salon. However, lately I've been so into dark nail colours and since I have so many, I've been doing my own nails. Since I had a little left over money from the lack of salon appointments, I decided to put that towards a Julep box this month. Once I saw the colours and the new eyeshadow sticks they were offering, I knew I had to order one!

Weekly Wednesday Reviews #20 - Tony Moly I'm Real Skin Purifying


I used to do a weekly review, named Real Reviews, but that title is a little confusing. I've come to find that I can still have an alliterative title that informative, so I'm re-naming these Weekly Wednesday Reviews, and we're picking it up at number 20 and coming at you each Wednesday! Easy, right? :)