Julep Unboxing | October


I feel like I have tons of nail polish (among any other beauty staples) and when I get too busy with work and life I opt for a quick mani at the salon. However, lately I've been so into dark nail colours and since I have so many, I've been doing my own nails. Since I had a little left over money from the lack of salon appointments, I decided to put that towards a Julep box this month. Once I saw the colours and the new eyeshadow sticks they were offering, I knew I had to order one!

From Left to Right (and Top to Bottom): Julep Michaela, Julep Anya, Julep Cassandra

Julep Eyeshadow 101 Stick in Orchid. Featured is the shadow stick's nib and the smudger end.

I've been wearing Michaela ever since I got the box. It's a beautiful deep burgundy-wine color with silver, green and burgundy microshimmers. I love this color since it's black and the hue slightly unexpected. The only colour I was slightly disappointed by was Anya, I was hoping she would be more a jade than a forest green, but it's still a gorgeous colour.
Cassandra is another classic burgundy shade, and you know I can't get enough of those - so I added this one into my box.

As for the Eyeshadow 101 stick, so far I'm loving the plum shimmery colour. I'm intending to try it out as a base and on it's own. I want to see how it fares against time and if it creases, so I'll have to do this for one of my weekly reviews! Ever since NUDESTIX came out at Sephora, everyone seems to be putting makeup in easy-to-apply stick format.

Have you guys tried the Eyeshadow 101 stick? How do you like makeup in stick format?
Easy to use or gimmicky?

À Bientôt Mes Amours,
Kisti Belle

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