Favorites are always one of my favorite posts to watch, to read and to create. I got back into beauty and skincare more heavily towards the end of 2019, so this list may be rather short, but I’ve been really loving these items.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara 

First discovered when it had come within a boxycharm. I was unimpressed with the bulky packaging and didn’t even try it out until months later – when I fell inlove. 

Monarch Lipstick (purple) from Amor Eterno Melt Cosmetics 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve fallen inlove with many eccentric purple lip tones over time, but I’ve never found such a deep gem shade of purple with a blue shimmer kickback before. Surprising to me, but they compliment by yellow undertones really well, and look great with a natural eye look and a fire pair of lashes (just see the ones below). 

Sephora x House of Lashes in Marigold 

Some of the most beautiful, dramatic, voluminous and well crafted lashes I own. They’re usually sold out at Sephora and online as I think everyone has caught on to their beauty. But they’re an absolute favorite, they really add a beautiful effect and are a total eye catcher.

Sephora Roll With It Lashes 

Unfortunately, I think these were recently discontinued at Sephora, but I have stocked up and these are some of my more casual sets of lashes to wear. They are very unique in the way they are constructed – almost as if you were putting on individual sets of dramatic lashes evenly spaced. I love the kind of psychedelic and sultra vibe they add.

Touch in Sol Metallist Sparkling Foiled Eyeshadow in Holo Mulberry 

This was one of those purchases that happens as you’re trying to walk out of Sephora, but the side displays catch your eye and you go in for more (hey, I’m not embarrassed to admit it!! Y’all can fess up!). I walked by her, and didn’t dare leave without her. She leaves an 

Lactic Acid by Ordinary 

A product I picked up after reading a few reviews, as I had been using Drunk Elephants Glycolic Acid serum and I wanted to explore another product might have an equal or better effect at a fraction of the price. Lactic Acid by Ordinary actually had a better effect on my skin, and when I use it, it does clarify the texture issues that I’m having, as well as clearing up the rogue blemish. Would I re-purchase? For this price, absolutely. Would I recommend? Yes!

39L Artists Palette by Morphe

The first I saw her, I swatched, I was mesmerized but I didn’t grab her and run out the door. Instead, I convinced myself that I had “too many” palettes – no idea who suffers from this, but its not me, I can always use more- and went about my day. A couple days later, I was on Ulta.com purchasing her and shipping her over to her new home. We’ve been happy ever since and I’m so glad I re-considered my decision. This is one of those palettes that’s fairly big, so it’s hard to travel with. However, most, if not all, shadows have amazing pigmentation with little kickback and the palette itself includes many different colours. Often, if I’m using this palette, I don’t have to compensate with another one. If you’re one of those that *does* in fact suffer from “too many” palettes, getting this baby instead of any others may be the way to go.