Amor Eterno. Obsessed. 

By far my favorite collection by Melt Cosmetics and most likely my favorite collection of 2019. My only regret is being too late to purchase the entire PR set, *but* I’m so glad I got my hands on both palettes (plus the lipsticks and the highlight :P).

Muerte and Vida palettes have been my most current intimidating obsession – all pressed pigment palettes super saturated with color. It took me days to break into them. I may have mentioned this before, but working with pigments only is difficult, much more than regular eyeshadows.

The color stories of each plus the challenge of working with the pressed pigments makes this palettes inspiring to work with: Muerte – a colorful smokey story vs. Vida – a lighter vibrant color story. I’ve done a couple looks with these palettes and they’ve both turned out fierce – I’ve been able to do looks I would have never thought of before.